Smart mobility: How collaboration can unlock the next chapter of growth in smart mobility

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Imagine a future where journeys are seamless, reliable and optimised to passengers preferences. Imagine cities with more green space, where traffic jams and air pollution are no longer the norm. Imagine transport systems that create value for operators, passengers, society and the economy and provide people in underdeveloped areas fairer access to affordable transport.

Smart mobility holds the key to delivering on this vision.

But unlocking its potential requires a level of coordination and cooperation across the transport ecosystem, which currently exists only in pockets. Without a united approach, progress will be fragmented, experiences will remain disjointed and disappointing and the economic, social and environmental benefits will be missed.

Now is the time to realise the vision of a smarter and more joined-up transport system, with technology at its heart.

Together, we can change the way we travel for the better.

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