FinTech deals in focus - What does COVID-19 mean for FinTech investors?

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FinTech has become the fastest-growing sector of the economy in recent years, and the UK has one of the world’s most vibrant FinTech scenes. But with COVID-19 affecting short-term investment, has the FinTech market changed?

Like other businesses, many FinTechs have been adversely impacted by the pandemic. But while certain sub-sectors have been particularly affected, others have remained largely resilient. Even those sectors hardest hit are starting to see a rebound in activities.

Despite a significant contraction in activity and investments in H1 2020, FinTechs in several sub-sectors remain attractive targets.

The outlook for the FinTech sector remains upbeat for investors in the long-term. We expect the FinTech deals market will be one of the areas that sees the fastest recovery as we emerge from the pandemic, and investors who get a head start by re-engaging with potential targets early could benefit from lower valuations.

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