Your guide to VR and AR - What will drive change and why now?

How virtual reality and augmented reality will transform business and the economy

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Our Seeing Is Believing report explores how virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) will add value to the economy by 2030 and what businesses should be doing to ensure they can seize the opportunities these technologies present.

We have grouped the major use cases for VR and AR into five categories and analysed the contribution each could potentially make, alongside commentary from a range of PwC and sector experts. These use cases include industries such as:

  • Energy and utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Development and training
  • Retail and consumer
  • Process improvements

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    Jeremy Dalton

    Head of VR/AR, PwC United Kingdom

    “These technologies have the potential not only to provide the UK economy with a significant boost but also improve the way organisations operate, make processes faster and more effective, educate people more effectively and create incredible experiences.”