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Find out what the retail sector might look like in 2020, what this means and how to thrive in a changing retail environment.

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Last year was another year of significant change in the retail sector; one that was always going to be difficult for Retailers, particularly with political and economic uncertainty, declining high-street footfall and cautious consumers. But there were positives, such as a record-breaking Black Friday weekend and the success of certain online and high-street Retailers. This year may see similar challenges, but there are always opportunities for forward-thinking, agile retailers to flourish.

We'll see successful retailers differentiate to drive share while balancing operating costs and investing in the future.


What's in Retail Outlook 2020

Our Retail Outlook 2020 report will help you understand, by looking at:

  • The 2020 macroeconomic outlook and what this means for retailers and consumer packaged goods businesses
  • How retailers and consumer packaged goods businesses can respond to changing consumer and shopper behaviours
  • Predictions for the 2020 retail environment
  • How to win the battle for share of wallet in a flat trading environment
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