Promoting economic growth through trade and investment

An outward looking, ambitious and globally connected UK can play an influential role in reimagining a better world and responding to future challenges.

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We want to start a conversation, with UK business, government and society from across the regions, that explores the UK’s new role.

We are conducting research, convening debate and driving action in areas that are central to our people, business, clients and communities.

Our big questions:

  • How can the UK's international role best support fair, inclusive and sustainable growth across the nation?
  • How does trade support sustained economic growth and what are the distributional impacts?

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Matthew Alabaster

Partner, Strategy, PwC United Kingdom

“The UK has a once in a lifetime opportunity to recast its role in the world. That role – with trade, investment and development aid at its core – is instrumental to a collective recovery and supporting fair, inclusive and sustainable growth across the UK. The actions taken now will lay the foundations for the future."