PwC UK Hotels Forecast 2021 - From endurance to recovery

Find out more about the UK Hotels Forecast, what this means and opportunities for hoteliers into 2021

A volatile outlook into 2021

In the bleakest outlook since benchmarking began, hotel occupancy rates in 2021 are forecast to be 55% across the UK, and could take four years to return to pre COVID-19 levels. This is a stark reality for a once optimistic industry, which had seen a decade of growth.

Given the large number of uncertainties around COVID-19 restrictions, forecasting hotel trends is extremely challenging. The availability of a vaccine that can be quickly and widely administered is key to demand recovery coupled with consumer confidence to travel.

Although forecasts for 2021 show some relief compared to the precipitous declines of 2020, this is far from ‘business as usual’, with room occupancy rates across the UK forecast to be at the lowest level since hotel benchmarking services began.

What's in the UK Hotels Forecast 2021

This year’s report features:

  • The latest average daily rate, revenue per available room and occupancy forecast for hotels in 2020 and 2021
  • An outlook for both London and the UK regions with analysis of the forecast data
  • Key areas to focus on and opportunities hoteliers and investors should be prioritising in 2021 and beyond

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